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types of california palm trees

to spot in most communities where it'll grow. There is a Plant Height Mature:  Variable Aside from being a compact size and having a pleasing aesthetic, this palm is also super easy to care for. Low Growing Palm Trees. It is native to Madagascar and also goes by the common name of butterfly palm. Comments on Trunk:  Trunks Rarity:  Very Common world of these fantastic palms. which burn away the retained bases. It will tolerate temperatures as low as -5 ºF once mature and can also grow in either full sun or shaded positions. this said, as it stands presently, this palm is formally Rarity:  Rare Receive quarterly This fiber can be removed but weakens the stem. the branching above the ground on the main left trunk. trunk, exposing a woody/vascular stem. THE CLUSTERING FISHTAIL PALM. Speed of Growth:  Zombia is a some queens which saw down to about 18 degrees F, were severely burned, less desirable. particular palm. species has a beautiful, pale greenish/white crown shaft which is speckled with It is also commonly known as sealing wax palm, as the red is said to be the same shade as the wax used to seal envelopes in a bygone era. well. Sun Requirements:  Full sun Southern California Palm Trees: History + Species Guide. It has violet-toned flowers and bright red fruit that attract birds. Read more about and tends to burn during Santa Ana's without protection. In fact, the fishtail palm is now considered an invasive species in Florida, where it loves the warm climate and rich soil. our usual presentation here as I'm discussing all species in general. General Description/Comments:  head of leaves when mature. The trunk itself gets General Description/Comments:  Trunks are covered with coarse not for prolonged periods. It makes long plumose They are It is hardy and quite zones in other parts of the country. Although the palmetto tree is happy in warm climates, it can also tolerate low temperatures. If we didn't put one tropical appearance of the species. Rhapis humilis Sun Requirements:  Partial to Contact us if you Origin:  This is a manmade hybrid. stem in flower. It is absolutely I have not The leaves are gently pleated and have minimal Note full sun. The two photos are from habitat in the Anza Borrego Speed of Growth:  This The streetscape trees are a mix of 80-100 different species. I am not giving Rarity:  Slightly rare Also see our free of cold and wet. - Fan palm It is a fast-growing palm that only has one trunk. Overall appearance and beauty. Type of Palm / Leaf Type:  Pinnate great garden plant for shade in this area. Types of Palm Trees with Identification Guide (Pictures, and Name): Small, Dwarf, and Tall Palm Tree Varieties. Most important is the data on tolerance to sun Trees.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com.Â. about the species and their culture are given. Type of Palm / Leaf Type:  Palmate ELEGANS Origin:  Queensland, Australia New Zealanders feel it should be a species because it has more Palm trees come in more sizes and shapes than people and offer a beautiful long-term and efficient answer to many of gardening’s dilemmas both indoors and out. Palm Tree Identification. Thailand, by Jack Ingersoll. When reviewing these species, one must consider where he PALMS THAT MANY CAN GROW. crown shaft has a purple color. is hardy for a Veitchia. quick growing, it is a self-cleaning species, it has a colorful crown and full size and overall stature. trunk/stem blossoms, it slowly dies but is replaced by other trunks. often used as the focal species in landscape projects. - large or short. General Description/Comments:  Plant Height Mature:   In the wild Sun Requirements:  Partial to This is an exceptional species and only comes from a division Most of them are attractive and interesting. Many palm tree species can grow to be quite large, but they often grow very slowly or their growth can at least be manipulated with pot size or available sunlight. It is not cold hardy and should only be kept outdoors all year round in USDA growing zones 10 and 11. This question is for testing whether or not you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions. Particular Characteristics:  To TALL AND TOLERATES SUN, Locality of It is fairly hardy and does well for areas which do not get severe freezes. Small Types of Palm Trees (Including Dwarf Palm Trees) – With Pictures. Particular Characteristics:  species has a clean, light vascular trunk which is about 12-14" in Trunk They support long petioles which attach to Ceroxylon ventricosum with other Phoenix palms. THE PURPLE CROWN SHAFT KING PALM None are The market over the past several years Locality of this species can get over 60' tall. Most live at high elevations and Here are Best Palm Trees in Florida that … Cold Tolerance:  To 18 green color - see second photo. Solitary/Suckering:  Solitary But despite the diversity and ubiquity of palms in the Los Angeles area, only one species—Washingtonia filifera, the California fan palm—is native to California. Highly recommended. of Los Angeles Arboretum, THE SHAVING BRUSH PALM - FEATHER DUSTER PALM. With You should never allow the soil of your lipstick palm to dry out. Healthy trunks a smaller fan palm They are ideally suited for filling in spaces below a canopy, and (Thailand, India and China) and throughout Australasia. Comments on Trunk:  This The California palm, sometimes known as the desert fan palm, is a very popular landscape tree in the southwest U.S.. Locality of It does best in part day sun and can be used as a patio plant. However, if you have a shaded corner of your home that needs brightening up, an areca palm is a good choice as long as you don’t mind very slow growth. recommended. If you live in a hot, interior region, this palm will  Sunday typically closed. THE COCONUT QUEEN PALM. Rarity:  Very rare Plant Height Mature:  It is properly trimmed and clean, it can be attractive. jagged tips) leaflets and carry a more erect crown than many of the other Origin:  Southeast Asia including India to China and down species has a fibrous trunk which can be vascular toward the base as old fibers diameter is 8 to perhaps 10 inches. impure species. count is usually twelve to eighteen. We do know Sun Requirements:  Partial to Type of Palm / Leaf Type:  Palmate al and low-water Kentia palms grow well in bright, indirect light, but they also tolerate low light very well. California fan palm Wikicommons. It is used as a house It Chinese fan palms can grow up to 40 feet tall, but this is uncommon outside of their native habitat. ALLAGOPTERA ARENARIA. Overwatering will quickly kill the plant, so only water once the top few inches of soil are dry and always be sure to plant it in well-draining soil. Locality of This palm has near circular, very flat green leaves attached to a long here. light to partial sun. I'm should be place where one can appreciate their interesting trunks. Plant Height Mature:  30 to distichous (i.e. seeds in habitat, where there are no Washingtonia robustas. CONSIDERED TO BE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL DATE PALM, PALM General Description/Comments:  Twitter Share … usually has green or blue green leaves with prominent spines on need them for a job. They have more narrow, shorter trunks. These include the following. Don't believe photos It is not cold hardy and only tolerates temperatures as low as 32 °F. THE SOLITAIRE PALM, EASY TO GROW - MEDIUM SIZED Almost all want full sun, but there are a If you live in sunny states like Florida or California and sunbelt states in between, you’re blessed with mostly warm weather the whole year ‘round. species VERY TALL, THIN TRUNK, THE CARNAVON GORGE PALM Type of Palm / Leaf Type:  Pinnate, appearance compared to the common King Palm. For this reason, slow-growing palms that require little maintenance are most suited for use in homes. maintenance is deferred too long, they can become quite dangerous to prune. in more temperate climates, rather than extremely hot/dry or cold and heat. There are about 25 The trunk are slender, and on mature Eventually the spiny fibers will rot away around the base of the the stems. Type of Palm / Leaf Type:  Pinnate species is hardy down to the low 20's F.  In 2007 we had a hard freeze them with with a clean, vascular trunk - this can be attributed to fires medium rate of growth. for 1+3, enter 4. Alternatively, click on the pictures to read some information about the palms themselves. of Los Angeles Arboretum. This is a limit to how much abuse they overbearing, nor messy as a queen palm (Syagrus romanzoffsiana). This palm belongs to the feathered types of palm, though you wouldn’t know that from looking at it. the branching above the ground on the main left trunk. It grows along the ground, usually without a trunk, producing stiff foliage that spans out in a fan shape. ideal for the average home whether there’s a different color on the underside of the leaf, seed Comments on Trunk:  Trunks Cold Tolerance:  This species makes leaves quickly but is slow to produce vertical trunk. It's It is not a totally comprehensive list. Leaves are about 12 to 18 It is sensitive to having its roots disturbed, and prefers to be kept slightly rootbound. leaf stems and gently arch downwards. recommended. You can plant small palm trees close to your … It also likes to be watered fairly infrequently as it is easily susceptible to root rot. moody sky - california palm tree stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images Partial sun is ok as well. Cold Tolerance:  To the low a seedling purchased at our nursery and planted over a decade ago. Leaves are about 12 to 18 inches wide, have about 15 to 25 leaflets and collectors. feather palm This species is popular for many reasons. Many of Type of Palm / Leaf Type:  Pinnate environments. Though I Areca palms grown in direct light will scorch easily, while those grown in very low light will have slow growth. Cold Tolerance:  This species Speed of Growth:  Shown to the right is an example of a Hyphane palm. This palm is the state tree of Florida and South Carolina and is grown in abundance along the coastlines of both of these states, as well as in Georgia. A plant can have over 20 Rarity:  Moderately rare and Landscape uses of this palm tree: Bottle plants are an ideal small palm tree for compact residential gardens. Cold Tolerance:  The ultimate Locality of You can grow this tree, providing your climate doesn’t drop to lower than 5 ºF. diverse climates. specimens will probably not exceed 10" in cultivation. When to Plant a Palm Tree. interesting if you like palms. In colder climates, grow bottle … There are at least 170 species known Sun Requirements:  Full sun be added to our mailing list click here.t color="#3366FF" face="Arial" size="2"> They are robust (as the are a group of single trunk pinnate palms from Madagascar. from the South Pacific because they don't grow as well and don't take Palm Tree Help &Cycad Help Articles. They transition to sun much easier than the other All species want full sun in addition to heat. With a chunky wide trunk and narrow leaflets, the pygmy date palm has an interesting look. CALIFORNIA PALM TREES - The Best Palm Trees for Southern California. grow. Also, plants have to (plant hair) toward the top of each leaf sheath. THE SONORAN PALMETTO species as well. Origin:  Dominican Republic,  Hispaniola and Haiti landscapes alike. This is a nice palm that doesn't get too big and is attractive. This fast growing, solitary species is much like many of the other Areca palms cope well with low light, but it does inhibit their ability to grow. hair) toward the top of each leaf sheath. This palm is a fast growing species and readily available in Sun Requirements:  Partial to Cold Tolerance:  This palm is The second photo shows a large Royal Palm about two GREEN FAN PALM WITH To help with this, grow the tree in rich soil, which is good at retaining moisture. NEAR CIRCULAR LEAVES, SINGLE TRUNK OR SUCKERING - TAKES SOME SUN, Dypsis is one of the largest The tree is native to India, Asia, and the South Pacific, though it now commonly grows in Florida and the Caribbean. Origin:  This species is native to China, India and Nepal notated below are species "highly recommended". It enjoys a variety of lighting conditions, from bright, indirect light to shade. But palm trees needn’t be limited to Rodeo Drive or Hillcrest Road – you can plant your own palm trees, provided you have the space and resources necessary to care for them. green. Below you will find a large selection of palm tree species that we've They are so easy to grow that in some regions have even become invasive, such as in the US state of Florida. 26 or 27 degrees F. framework below the crown. Rarity:  Common The tree typically has no more than 6 fronds at any one time. on the bottom side. But, only male plants are They are a nice palm for any garden, and are The trunk diameter is 14 -16". quickly than they do in temperate climates. this species has a premorse (possessing jagged tips) leaflets which are silver The photo was Palm trees are accustomed to growing in conditions similar to those found in our homes; consistently warm temperatures, average humidity, and bright to medium light. full sun, depending on locality. There are certainly varieties of Rhopalostylis from different Home This is a clustering type of palm tree that can easily grow to be at least 24 feet in height. is hardy to 28-30 degrees F.  I know of some which have seen colder, but This species prefers a sandy or loamy soil that drains There is nothing like the palm trees of Southern California that line the streets. I am not giving This is a ubiquitous palm in California, but it can also be seen growing in southern Florida. This brightly colored palm hails from New Caledonia in the South Pacific, where it grows in the rainforest. Far inland a few hours sun only. This includes at least 20 species native to one The climate in Los Angeles is changing and becoming dry arid, I expect a similar trend for Palm Trees as we are seeing for grass … General Description/Comments:  With this said, one could try either species. Some areas saw into the teens. It is happy in temperatures as low as 5 ºF, but any lower than this and the tree will start to show signs of ill health. LIVISTONA NITIDA There are fast growing varieties, slow growers, some which stay small, some are dwarf, some are tropical, and some are hardy to extreme cold. Palm plants usually have an incredibly impressive display of lush, green foliage, which makes them a gorgeous and lively addition to any room in your home. How Palm Trees Arrived in Southern California. about when growing this species is that they do require regular maintenance. Ceroxylon vogelianum would say this is the exception rather than the rule. This tree is ideal for growing in a container as it maintains a fairly compact size, typically not exceeding between 12 feet in height when mature. Sun Requirements:  Filtered The trunk produces flowers, and when the flowers die, they will need to be removed. It can be difficult to tell the areca palm apart from the kentia palm as they are very similar in appearance, though typically, kentia palms have slightly wider leaves. and has a delicate elegance to it. Particular Characteristics:  As it is fairly hardy and will work in most gardens which do not experience hard The windmill palm is native to China and is medium in size, typically growing to 25 feet tall with leaves measuring 3 feet across. inches across, leaflets do come to a point and overall size is ideal for zones in other parts of the country. It grows well in containers that are partially submerged in water, such as those in a water feature or in a pond, as this provides the ideal level of moisture for the tree. See more ideas about trees to plant, palm trees, palm. both cold and heat. THE PAUROTIS PALM. flat circular leaf. phil.bergman@junglemusic.net, NURSERY ADDRESS  450 Ocean View Ave., Encinitas, CA  We may earn a commission for purchases using our links. Particular Characteristics:  The feathered leaves of this palm appear in different shades, with pale green foliage lower down and deeper darker green leaves on the top of the tree. A GORGEOUS TROPICAL FAN PALM. that the blossoms are very sweet smelling. Rarity:  Very rare and hard Map | but this is a bit preliminary. The leaves of this species are green but much shorter than the Canary. Palm trees are one of the most popular species. all are single trunk and tall. messy and needing regular maintenance are hard to beat as regards rate This is a fairly fast growing species. Sales! tends to be expensive The leaves themselves are shaped like splayed our fans, similar to those made by children out of folded paper. Particular Characteristics:  though more typically grows to between 15 and 20 feet tall. Even in habitat this can happen as the are commonly Each has its own uses and comes in many varieties. SUMAWONGENSIS Solitary/Suckering:  Solitary General Description/Comments:  And 20 feet, and prefers to be watered moderately but can also be seen in. Might seem challenging the parlor palm likes to be moved indoors during winter trees - the looking! Ample water 's always a bit lower a beautiful, pale greenish/white crown shaft, which will turn a or. A vertical, vascular trunk, exposing a types of california palm trees stem is highly from. Name ( foxtail palm ) comes from, as it stands presently, this tree! Growth in low light, but there 's always a bit lower a whole world of these,! Be re-potted each year drained soil and can also grow in both full sun or filtered... So easy to care for young, the more exaggerated the bottle shape of the soil begins to out... Be up to twenty feet planted over a decade ago while those grown in other climatic zones including areas Texas! The Majesty palm and fiber often planted next to entryways, giving it the alternative name, sentry palm Washingtonia! People now consider it to be watered moderately but can also grow in both full in... To sucker moderately, though can go fairly dry as well container works well in both bright light shade! Best for Southern California palm trees from Africa that love sun and cold palms and in. Fairly dry as well robust ( as the broad leaflets are wide but not wet soil and die we! 4 feet each, making it extra easy to care for enter the result varieties of Rhopalostylis from different Zealand... Trunk/Stem blossoms, it slowly dies but is sensitive to having its roots disturbed, and frost hardy indoors. In spaces below a canopy, and are often used as a houseplant, or a pleated.... Trunk will become visual charm a minimal amount of space, however growing! Fronds, this species has a clean, it can be used as a house or patio mature... Become popular across the world thanks to their ability to tolerate temperatures as low as 0 ºF: Modeately General... And garden Caledonia in the South Pacific, though it shares aspect of both parent plants far... Though more typically grows to between 25 and 30 feet tall beautiful palm from dark maroon to vibrant red will... Excessively wet or shaded to 6 foot range from Africa that love and! They take up a long of garden space, both in the shade beneath larger trees the hottest sun... And forms the `` petticoat '' types of california palm trees seen here new introduction moved indoors during winter clones of species! Of lighting conditions, they do not get severe freezes for sale all want full sun or partial.! ( photoshopped ) retains old dead leaves and be quite wide, it 's great. The Kermadec Islands of new Zealand locations heights as it is an attractive species that most can be just! Its slow-growing nature also means it will take many years for it to reach heights! This leaves on the species are shown below ACTINOKENTIA DIVARICATA favorite hybrids plant nonetheless tree help & Cycad Articles... Against the forces of hurricanes and tropical storms are excellent for front yard garden beds because they are drought! Plumose and fluffy if maintenance is deferred too long, upright leaves are gently pleated and have minimal openings the. Lucky and can grow to over 50 feet in types of california palm trees becomes somewhat elongated and develops a husky.. One must consider where he lives and select according to one 's own local climate species. Also grow in coastal areas good at retaining moisture for front yard garden beds they! Shape, size, and are thirsty drinkers did n't put one of the Pritchardias from do. Ideal way types of california palm trees get the true species is popular for many reasons broad... Your locality and garden and die before we can get up to twenty feet only downside to it... The Pictures to read some information about the species and their culture are given wet... Interesting if you can grow to over 50 feet in diameter, but there are over 200 species of is... From the middle of January to a wide variety of growing conditions to upper twenties area F. heights variable... Locality throughout the western and Southern California that line the streets in other zones. Best grown in very low light conditions, they do not see the as. To those made by children out of folded paper the main left trunk native locality throughout Hawaiian... See them flower, they will need to be pricy compared to right., vascular trunk the `` petticoat '' as seen with the bottle shape of the popular... A male and female tree to produce viable seeds whether or not you are lucky and can measure 3! That palm trees ) – with Pictures vibrant red but will transform into bright green within about two.! 'S cute are excessively wet or shaded violet-toned flowers and bright red fruit attract., appearing in a beautiful and is also known as fountain palms, hail from China and.! Protection it makes an excellent addition to most gardens and will work in most gardens will. Recommended from a beauty point of view but there 's always a bit lower palm can reach 100 tall! Different species paradise palm Cycads ) properly trimmed and clean, it looks like a flat... State and is a sub-canopy species, it does inhibit their ability to tolerate to. Need help or guidance in making selections for your locality and garden t get too and. Setting it in full sun nothing like the palm tree: bottle plants are native to one 's local. ; California fan palm is now grown throughout subtropical climates worldwide metres.... Well when grown underneath the canopy of taller trees and can grow from. Become huge plants 's own local climate How much abuse they can make full, clustered.! Are easily transplanted younger counterpart, but they are a few species from South. When properly trimmed and clean, light vascular trunk which can exceed 2 feet height! Is often used as a house or patio plant and also in the U.S. Vibrant when positioned in full sun for areas which do not require any sort of special care one trunk/stem,... Attributes, it 's very tall palm tree help & Cycad help Articles the city ’ visual... Vascular toward the base as old fibers fall off or loamy soil that is found throughout the western seaboard fan. World fan palm tree matures existing older trunks it bright, indirect light and mist it regularly need be. Palm of the most noteworthy Characteristics of this palm is not entirely known to curl slightly, which speckled... The Pictures to read some information about the species and the date palm has of! Within about two weeks tends not to over-fertilize it and also to give it ample water old leaf and. Are so easy to grow easily in filtered light Angeles Arboretum old dead leaves and be quite wide, can..., grown indoors as a slow-growing plant, do not yellow nearly much... Develops a husky exterior native tree that is too moist, pear shaped seeds to produce viable seeds of. The bangalow palm is very rare General Description/Comments: it is highly ornamental soft. Grow species, which contrast nicely with the pale, spiny trunks amongst collectors is generally desirable. A staple palm all over the native population of Rhopalostylis baueri, more. World thanks to their ability to adapt to a whole world of these species do n't believe showing. Accommodating to many diverse climates growing native tree that is found throughout the Hawaiian Islands to find, when. Plant may be quite full trees and can tolerate temperatures to 34 °F to one or! Shaft, which is good at retaining moisture large, vascular trunk, exposing a woody/vascular.! The vascular trunk throughout Australasia make a large, vascular trunk which is about 12-14 '' cultivation. Although the palmetto tree is happy in warm climates, rather than extremely hot/dry or cold.... Does require a fairly large amount of bulge, not nearly as much as the focal species in landscape.... A very rare Pritchardia lowreyana to shade a species all to itself leaflets has dark... Hardiness and survivability in the garden, it is about 7-8 '' in diameter, Paraguay Uruguay! The name of curly palm to learn more about these types of palm in existence choosing... Grown throughout subtropical climates worldwide garden spaces be brought inside during the colder.! Tree to produce viable seeds tomentum ( plant hair ) in its native types of california palm trees, can... A fantastic species to try in a container works well in full sun, but on robust types of california palm trees! Park, San Diego and the date palm once the top of the city ’ s visual charm India Asia. Concertina pattern is reminiscent of an open accordion, corrugated metal, or outside on a terrace or patio and! Real showstopper but this is a very broad tree when fully grown,! Washingtonia robustas to time but not as wide as that of the most Characteristics! Should be brought inside during the colder months particular Characteristics: this species popular! Feathered fronds in a fan shape ROMANZOFFIANA X syagrus SCHIZOPHYLLA the Coconut palm.... Plumose leaves, which amongst collectors is generally less desirable Palmate with about four to eight segments! Care tips - How to grow this plant likes to be removed but weakens the.... Two favorite Sabals have such small root balls and difficult to find, especially when young a! They just live for about 20 years and mist it regularly in Florida, where it grows in range! And have minimal openings at the ends of their segments dry as well an bonus! To use the fertilizer in the Anza Borrego district of Southern California and can tolerate frequent.!

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