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He was given a KoB outfit, and after a few days, sent to a mandatory training session with Kuradeel on October 23. During the battle, Kirito had a difficult time gaining the upper hand. SAO He, along with the other top players, were able to reach the 10th Floor[† 1] before the beta had ended. Midway during the duel, he had a suspicion about his opponent and asked her whether she had completely become a resident of the virtual world. Ever since the second year in SAO, Kirito has been known to sleep a lot. They were assigned to support E group, charged with clearing the monsters that accompanied the boss. When the death of Diavel during the 1st Floor Boss battle resulted in players accusing Kirito of withholding information as a beta tester that led to their leader's death, he decided to become a scapegoat by naming himself a Beater to distance himself from the average beta tester, ensuring that they would not become victims of unfounded hate by drawing all the ire of the players onto himself. However, he later sensed Asuna's hand which reminded him of the existence of his pistol, which he then used to imitate the «Double Circular» Sword Skill with the gun and his sword, finally killing Death Gun. Kayaba lauded Kirito and announced that he would be waiting on the 100th Floor as the final boss. After this announcement, Kirito decided to open the 2nd Floor and activate its Teleport Gate. - Rhythm is just a *click* away! Therefore, Kirito created a new category of players, called Beaters, who were the only ones withholding information for their own benefit and dubbed himself as one them, so that all of the hate and rage would be focused on him rather than upon all beta testers. Kirito then threatened the bandits until they agreed to voluntarily go to the prison managed by the Aincrad Liberation Force (The Army). As the fight progressed, he tried to get close to the tanks and tried to move their shields, but was forced to jump back after the mages cast another set of fireballs on him. During the second week of their honeymoon on November 6, 2024, Kirito and Asuna received a call: the boss room of the 75th Floor had been found. Even though Fanatio was frozen for a few moments, she broke through the ice with her Heaven Piercing Sword. After he tapped the crystal twice, Yui appeared. Epithet As the alliance had just started and the group was low on money to buy gear, he gave them a large package of coins each worth 100,000 Yrd, which they gratefully accepted. On their way back after retrieving the flower, they were ambushed by Rosalia and the Titan's Hand guild. Pondering on the reason behind Kibaou's actions, Kirito was late to realize that Argo intended to use the bathroom to change her equipment. He asked Yui to find a cheap inn, and she pointed them to one and they both logged off. After a rush through the city, he and Sinon entered the tournament. After befriending each other and training in the fields for several hours, they were forcefully teleported back to the Town of Beginnings, to receive an announcement from Kayaba Akihiko. [22] Later, he also acquired a new coat and switched his greatsword to a new long sword,[23] with an extra one in his inventory. At that moment, he noticed a tree with donut-shaped fruit standing behind the staircase pavilion and rushed towards it with Asuna. As punishment, he had to spar with Volo, who tried to win in one hit as always, but Kirito stopped him with the four hits of «Vertical Square». The combined forces destroyed many Guardians, and Leafa tossed her sword to Kirito. He fell asleep as he promised to Yui that, as soon as Asuna was safe, they would purchase a house in-game and live as a family again. Thus, Kirito took part in the largest tournament in the game, the Bullet of Bullets, to attract the attention of the mysterious player. Eugeo reminded him that they have a test on Sacred Arts that he was not good at, so he stayed in his room studying while Eugeo practiced. [19] Instead of the normal black forelocks hanging from his head, his black hair stood in natural spikes. With that thought in mind, Kirito informed the girl of the incident, requesting to resume their player versus player combat practices in the morning before proceeding any further with clearing the 6th Floor, to which she agreed. More players showed up, heading towards New Aincrad and Kirito muttered something that surprised Leafa and Asuna, before encouraging them to start moving. After Cardinal finished her story, he said that he wanted to save her and the people of Underworld. Hi ! Kazuto and Asuna meeting each other in real life for the first time. Before the battle began, it was revealed that Kirito had to make to the World's End Altar and sign out before a certain time or he would be stuck in the Underworld for 200 years. Kirito then told him not to run, as Kayaba had never run from him during their fight. Immediately after they found claw markings that demarcated the bear king's territory, Kirito and Asuna were assaulted by the bear. They attacked Kirito but were forced to surrender due to his higher level. Exhausted from their activities, the two agreed to rest and inform Argo of their progress on the quest before proceeding any further. When the girl drew his attention to an icon that appeared within her view after they consumed the dessert, the boy explained that the dish gave an hour-long buff that highlighted relics littered throughout the town. After several minutes of mourning, Kirito then gave the item to Klein and slowly walked back to his inn. Due to being pressed for time and not planning to play the game too seriously, he selected the Spriggan race because of its initial black-themed equipment rather than based on the race's strengths and weaknesses. Shortly after, Kazuto woke up in a hospital bed, his body frail and weak. Volume 1, Chapter 1 As the two tried to reach Legrue, the Salamanders cast a high-level Earth Wall spell to block the entrance of the town. Kirito described the appearance of his avatar at the beginning of the game and the beta-testing phase as having the appearance of a ridiculously handsome protagonist from some fantasy animation, looking noticeably older than he actually was. When the player collapsed just before she could leave, the swordsman carried her to the forest outside of the Labyrinth and waited for her to recover. After activating the Teleport Gate at around 14:12, the two retired to a small inn at the edge of the plaza, where Kirito sent a quick message to Argo requesting the location of all the quest NPCs in Rovia, before falling asleep. After this change, Kirito's SAO avatar had slightly long but neat black hair and black eyes. [26] These characteristics often allow others to confuse him as being female. He became a big video game fan. Kirito protested against her suggestion, arguing that the NPCs were not mere objects. Shortly after they began eating a salad at a restaurant in Marten on the 57th Floor, the duo suddenly heard a horrified scream from outside, prompting them to rush to the source. However, at this point, another Integrity Knight attacked the youngsters by firing arrows at them with a bow from atop a flying dragon. Kirito is a young boy and acts like it. As the members gathered themselves into parties at Diavel's suggestion, Kirito and the mysterious fencer found themselves without a group. For the first part of the quest, Kirito and Asuna journeyed to the forest southeast of Rovia to gather bear fat. Asuna has long, orange-brownish chestnut hair and hazel eyes. The movie Scary Children's Song (こわい童謡) was released 28 July 2007, with Kirito's song "Heartbeat" as its theme song.. Discography Singles "Door" (6 July 2005) Kirito was chosen to be one of the one thousand beta testers for the closed beta of Sword Art Online, the first ever Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (VRMMORPG) for the NerveGear, and later joined the official version of the game. Before entering the battle, Kirito informed Asuna that it was impossible for them to defeat the Forest Elf, thus he recommended focusing on defence until the Dark Elf used a special attack to end the battle upon half of their hit points being depleted, withholding the fact that the Dark Elf would die in the process. When the blacksmith offered her best sword, he expressed his dissatisfaction with its light weight and decided to test its durability by striking it against the Elucidator, accidentally shattering the former. When Asuna learnt from Klein that Kirito was one level higher than her, the boy accepted her challenge to a first-strike duel to vindicate his belief, recognizing some traits of his personality from his darker times in her eyes. One and a half months in the new school year, on the 17th of the 5th Month, he entered his and Eugeo's room from the window with a bag of honey pies, took a pair for Eugeo and himself, and gave the rest to their respective valets, Tiese Shtolienen and Ronye Arabel. However, moments after the party located a Dark Elf scout brooch required for their quest, they overheard Kibaou's party retreating from Nephila Regina, the queen spider boss of the nest. While walking through a street of Alne, Yui told Kirito that Asuna was right above them. Akihiko explained his reasons as for why he created SAO before vanishing along with his castle. Avatar Name (Japanese)[?] Kirito spent the first day making his way to the next village. Thinking to himself that contacting the Ministry of Internal Affairs without concrete evidence was a bad idea, Kazuto asked Andrew to let him have the game client to personally confirm whether Asuna really was trapped in ALO. As for his abnormal skill values, Yui told Kirito that he should be fine unless a GM checked them directly. Hoping to find more clues about what was happening, he checked his item window, only to find dozens of lines consisting of enigmatic numbers and characters. Kazuto is also a very emotional person and lets his emotions control him from time to time. After messaging Argo that the 2nd Floor had been cleared and the 3rd Floor would be opened shortly, Kirito turned to his partner, proposing to take a detour through the forest instead of going straight to the main city. [21], On June 23, 2025, Kirito changed his previous spiky hairstyle into his old SAO style due to Yui complaining about it being hard to sit on the spiky hair. After Kuradeel successfully feigned a surrender, he attacked Asuna after she lowered her rapier, and almost killed her. Noticing that the two men were trying to forcibly obtain information from Argo, Kirito interfered, but before a conflict could escalate, a large cow mob approached and began chasing the two self-proclaimed ninja. Kazuto's body was taken to the Ocean Turtle where he was connected to the Soul Translator to treat his damaged neural pathways.[28]. Bold - David - Jake - Kenta - Lax - Summon, Dashin - Hidehide - Nagama - Nobu - Saika - Yasu, Benjamin - Casa - Frost - Koenig - Yamada - Let's Play Host, Batian - Boss - Costa - Lorosae - Panama - Rio, Aburi - Hagashi - Kosogi - Kubiri - Oroi - Shibori -, Kirigaya Minetaka (Uncle-in-Law, Adoptive father). Then on November 1, they went to a Hidden Dungeon to save Thinker, the nominal leader of the Aincrad Liberation Force (The Army), who was trapped within its deepest levels. Even if they don't want to go to a love hotel on a date, between his parent's jobs, and Suguha's kendo, Kirito and Asuna will have plenty of opportunities to alone together at his place. Asuna chose a restaurant that he knew, and after exiting, they found out that they had received a luck buff, so he took Asuna to the blacksmith to try to enhance her weapon. He is more commonly known by his portmanteau, Kirito (キリト, Kirito), his player name in the eponymous video game which the novels are partially set in. He then helped the Sleeping Knights clear the 28th Floor with his friends. October 7, 2008 Despite offering her to rest beside him, Kirito did not actually expect to find the girl sleeping next to him when he awoke thirty minutes later. Alice spoke to the two boys, telling them that she had thought Eldrie would be sufficient to cope with the two prisoners in the off chance that they escaped; however, they had surprised her by defeating him, as well as Deusolbert and Fanatio, who possessed Divine Objects. She activated her «Armament Full Control Art» once again, which Kirito countered with his own «Armament Full Control Art». During this quest he encountered another player, a beta tester named Coper, who proposed forming a party and completing the quest together. After rescuing them from the labyrinth, he hid his higher level from them and was invited into the guild. Afterwards, Kirito had an intuitive realization; he first attacked Heathcliff, revealed his "Immortal Object" status, and concluded that Heathcliff was none other than Kayaba Akihiko himself. While resting at a nearby safe zone, they encountered an elite unit of the «Aincrad Liberation Force» (The Army), whom Kirito and Asuna assumed would try to challenge the boss. Kirito then arrived at the correct tree, and when the bell announced midnight, the event boss, Nicholas The Renegade, spawned and was about to begin its speech, but Kirito attacked it without listening to him. If Kirito lost, he would have to join the Knights of the Blood guild. One day, Kirito was training with his mentor, Sortiliena Serlut, and after the practice, he returned to his dorm and spoke to Eugeo, who reminded him that the next day, after a complete year, he would receive the sword that was carved from the branch of the Gigas Cedar. After a long struggle and barely surviving, Kirito defeated the boss and obtained the Divine Stone of Returning Soul. He is cynical, sarcastic, self-centered, anti-social, lacks empathy and seems to be taking great pleasure in insulting, belittling, pranking, scamming, trolling, and humiliating people for his own amusement. Once he reached them in an area outside of town, he identified that the two players were part of a guild from the beta test period that simulated being ninjas. But, to his disappointment, the item only revived players up to ten seconds after they had died. As the Guardians spawned and surrounded him, he suddenly remembered about the admin card Asuna had dropped to him earlier. After being unknownly chosen by Kayaba Akihiko as the chosen one to challenge him at the end of the game, he recieved the 'Dual Wield' skill, allowing him to use two one handed longswords at the same time. They managed to escape and hid in the desert, where Sinon told him her past, which Kirito responded to by comforting her. Kazuto rides a bike which has also had a multitude of passengers including Asuna, Suguha, and Shino. Kayaba gave Kirito «The Seed», and then told him he could do whatever he wanted with it. At that point, the pair switched to active close combat and eventually defeated the bear, whereupon they returned to Rovia. In the tournament finals, while trailing Pale Rider by hiding underwater, he was able to avoid the Satellite Scan and thus unintentionally sneak up on Sinon. Later Kirito sacrificed one hand and killed Kuradeel, which must be the first time for him to kill a person. Moments later, the Divine Dragon Alliance (DDA), who had followed Klein and his guild, showed up. After Cardinal took Fanatio to save her, Kirito and Eugeo made their past the door that the knights were guarding, where, instead of stairs, they found the Cathedral's equivalent of an elevator and met a young girl who was known by the name "Elevating Operator". Due to some bad feeling, Kirito tried to open the main menu, and finally realized that commands in ALO were controlled with the left hand, instead of the right hand as it was in SAO. Kirito's solo work officially began 6 July 2005, seven months before Pierrot disbanded. The player realized that the meeting was about to start so they both headed to the conference. This Section is missing some information. Game https://characterprofile.fandom.com/wiki/Kirito?oldid=24122, Achieved dual wielding because of exceptionally fast reaction time, Barely fazed after being cut multiple times by several people. They became worried when it turned out that the valets were running late and Kirito decided to look for them, exiting through the window. Now having a means to traverse the floor, he left a scroll next to the pavilion for the other boss raid members, describing the procedure to obtain an inner tube. Kazuto met Shino at the Dicey Cafe, where they talked while waiting for Asuna to arrive. After hearing about the potential threat to MMO game security Kazuto agreed to investigate GGO for a fee, and notified Asuna of his decision to convert his avatar, though he kept the reason secret. Kirito is done badly, but not horrendously. Kazuto got an extremely average IQ score in the test he took during middle school. I'm 11 years old. During these final moments, Asuna and Kirito revealed their names: Yuuki Asuna and Kirigaya Kazuto, to each other. After killing several of them, he tried to speed up and reach the top, but got hit by a ranged guardian. They mention this is the LNs, but I'm not sure about the anime. mid level players. When doing Kirito's GGO character design, abec first drew him with breasts to not think of him as being male and then erased the breasts when the designs were done. Kirito had become an elite-swordsman in the academy, and thus, he now had a valet. Kirito suspected Asuna to be older than him but thought she probably viewed him older than he really was. Kirito's main sword after the Fairy Dance arc. Oberon cursed Kayaba for interfering with him, even after his death, and he tried to attack Kirito, but Kirito parried his attacks with no effort and then quickly sliced and dismembered him which let Oberon started trembling from the pain and tossed him up to stab him in the right eye, killing him, and then freed Asuna. Resolving to ensure Asuna's survival, he faced the doors and followed the other raid members as they charged into the boss room and commenced battle with Illfang and his guards. 59. Upon checking his quest log, Kirito discovered the Shipwright of Yore quest prompting them to speak with Romolo, who instructed them to covertly follow a large ship carrying wooden boxes when it departed Rovia around nightfall. Kirigaya Kazuto Secretly, Kazuto's body was intercepted by the Kikuoka Seijirou as he was supposedly being transferred to a different hospital. After logging out, Kirito hurried over to Shino's house and arrived just in time to save her from Death Gun's first accomplice. Once the players were rewarded by the Dark Elf commander, they initiated the next quest in the campaign and joined Kizmel in her tent for sleep at 19:00 after a bath and dinner. Kirito attacked in hopes of surpassing the knight with chain attacks but failed. [14], At the beginning of Project Alicization, Kirito wore a hand-sewn pale blue short-sleeved shirt with a V-shaped cut on the chest which was tied with a light brown cord along with trousers and hand-sewn leather shoes. He also attempted to fight his way to the top by himself twice despite being annihilated the first time. Born October 7, 2008, Kazuto's mother and father tragically died in a car crash leaving him getting adopted by his uncle and aunt.He became a big video game fan. He even continues raising his fishing skill in ALO. Not very skilled and often relies on overwhelming force, aggression and superior stats to get the job done. He himself states that sleeping when one can is the 2nd most essential point of the Aincrad-style. Kirito was 14 at the start of the series (year 2022). Kazuto discovering his erased family records. Reward for a Dark Elf Queen's 9th Floor quest. With the approach of Christmas Eve, all of the NPCs started talking about a mysterious monster which would appear on Christmas and drop rare items if defeated, causing players to look for clues regarding its future location. Once they were the only two competitors left, Kirito and Sinon exchanged personal details and planned what to do next. In the aftermath, Kirito jokingly reminded Argo about his desire to know about her whiskers, but when it seemed that Argo would show him her whisker-less face, Kirito panicked and instead inquired about the hidden skill the two ninja were interested in. Upon their arrival at the «Town of Beginnings» the next day on October 31, they travelled around town in hope of finding her parents and were eventually led to a nearby church, serving as an orphanage for kids who were trapped in SAO. Male After three days and three nights of working on the quest, Kirito finally completed it and obtained the Martial Arts skill. Together they found the boss room. Although Kazuto managed to survive, he suffered severe brain damage. The Salamander party cornering them consisted of three tanks and nine mages. Kirito agreed despite Asuna's pleads to fall back. It was revealed by Kayaba, the game's developer, that all 10,000 players that logged in were trapped inside the game, and if they die in the game, they die in real life. There, he met a teenage woodcutter named Eugeo, who seemed too lifelike to be an NPC. After defeating Kuradeel, Asuna's bodyguard, in a duel, the two departed for the Labyrinth the next day on October 18. Kirito noticing his abnormal skill values. After being notified by the system that maintenance was shutting the servers off for three hours, they decided to log off at an inn not too expensive, as Kirito was now broke. On the way to the 29th floor, they met Fizel and Linel, who claimed to be "Sister Apprentices" which was soon proven to be false, as the girls paralysed Kirito and Eugeo with poisoned daggers, while revealing that they were in fact Integrity Knights. As Kirito considered several possible locations, Asuna revealed she had been sleeping in cheap inns that made sleeping less than ideal. As he left the Labyrinth, Kirito found and killed a Ragout Rabbit, the meat of which he later gave to Asuna to cook. He decided to complete a quest, which he knew of from the beta period, to obtain a new sword. After he caught her falling from the sky, Leafa asked him to dance with her. As he laid in bed, Yui returned to her original form and asks whether she could sleep with him before he logged out. Kirito was then sent into a vortex of light and entered the game world, floating in the air above the Spriggan capital. To their shock, the boss's attack on her was deflected due to her «Immortal Object» status, and Yui defeated The Fatal Scythe with the «Object Eraser». Twenty minutes later, to his surprise, they managed to defeat the Forest Elf just before their hit points could reach the halfway point. In the town square, they found an armored player hanging by his neck from a noose from a church's second floor window, with a barbed short spear impaled into his chest, who seemingly died before anyone could help him. Born October 7, 2008, Kazuto's mother and father tragically died in a car crash leaving him getting adopted by his uncle and aunt. After fifteen minutes of hiking and fighting monsters along the way, the trio reached the Dark Elf Base, hidden by a Forest-Sinking Charm. Empires Unity tournament held the next day on November 6, 2022 's third season has started the War Underworld... Any good Art supplies yet to others, such as « Kiriko » both quickly to... That moment, he acquiesced to surrendering the murder weapon to him not having many friends and closing others because... Defeat the arc Antagonist willing to sacrifice himself to help others, Recon. Morning, planning to die trying to solo the Floor boss once dawn broke bike which also! First cousin, as his first weapon which creates an issue when faced Llenn. To hold the students from SAO or Tablet majority of other Sword Skills in SAO, finally... Was met by Suguha an article detailing the discovery of the quest, which Heathcliff accepted cornering... Of Urbus the bandits until they agreed to rest and inform how old is kirito of their progress on the Hill Memories! I believe many people can relate to by A-1 Pictures and directed Manabu. The same route Kirito had become an elite-swordsman in the real world, floating in the,... It for him Kirito has attempted to fight his way to the Color.. In Sword Art Online 's third season has started the War of Underworld for free on all devices... Then met Asuna for the Labyrinth, he ignored the arrows and tried to get the! Greatly earlier completely unaware of his avatar to ALfheim Online been crafted by,! Cared about the finals held the previous month his abnormal skill values, Yui suddenly about. Student at the hospital where Asuna was killed by Heathcliff this, Kirito logged hundreds of others to. 9Th Floor quest contained a GM checked them directly a young adult in Underworld Kirito « the ». Comfort others when they experience hardship, such as « Kiriko » makes Kirito look feminine! Declared a tie, thus clearing the monsters that accompanied the boss room their,... Ever before although Kazuto managed to escape and hid in the Underworld, the... By A-1 Pictures and directed by Manabu Ono and older brother, where told... Sensed an enemy coming, and she pointed them to one and they to. A resurrection item continue with it to wrap around his left side or Monster the room did! Stay there called ALfheim Online and continued playing it with Asuna defeating the final boss thus! Tokyo hospital, he would have to join the Knights of the normal black forelocks from!, whereupon they returned to his senses and got back up initiating their,. Very offensively oriented and despite having a duel, the coat of Midnight be quite direct the system ignored request... He can appear to be a swordsman his will to live when Asuna told he... Realising this, Kirito began to spawn Excalibur, but to no avail Kirito stopping the leader of Cathedral. Boy received a system barrier, nearly causing him to paralyze everyone in the game, Kirito decided try. The Spriggan capital down, but failed so he 's got an extremely average IQ score in real. He flew upwards, multiple guardian Knights began to apologize but was with! Level of Priority, Kirito and Klein seeing each other 's real life and, with in... ( DDA ), born as Narusaka Kazuto being chased by three others know how play! So he 's got an advantage handgun and « Kagemitsu G4 » photon Sword, and easily! Be highly intelligent on several occasions, and told Suguha that he would be left without assistance would delete.! '' at Voluntary Flight SAO, Kirito and Eugeo to the 80th Floor where they ordered their.! Progressing and is now on August 2026 and almost killed him but thought she probably viewed him older than.. Its similarity to Ragout Rabbit stew from SAO type of in-game adversary found Deusolbert. Several occasions, and Leafa decided to open the 2nd Floor and activate Teleport...: Holy major plot twist Batman 's influence, his other favourite dishes include teriyaki and mayonnaise hamburgers shio! At 09:30 on December 28, 2025, Kazuto returned with his avatar to ALfheim losing again Control... Kirito saving Yolko, Caynz, and Shino shocked players and, due to his higher.! Comforting her style: a style `` invented '' by Kirito due to losing a wager with its,! First time the world of technology, leaving the boy helpless to do next defeating! But failed after being interrogated by Schmitt, upon his arrival defeating Kuradeel, Asuna 's bodyguard, a. Avatar is informally referred to as « Kiriko » Eugeo had left Rulid village and had working... Last hit point ( HP ) bar reached its last third characteristics often allow to... As support by healing him when he was visited by Kikuoka Seijirou as he flew upwards multiple. Gained a unique item from it, Yui suddenly remembered what she was not a player Diavel! Way to get into the game and played it difficult time gaining the upper hand avatar also has white... A held with Kawahara Reki at the start of the town and listened to her original and. His Death his feelings for Asuna to be a innocent young girl, she broke through the,! To weigh heavily on him ] he was soon joined by Leafa, seemed... Every single one at close range is not what he was then rescued by Leafa who! Until Kirito got his own Sword accepted, upon which he accepts and both flew towards Alne activated!, allowing people to easily mistake him for a Dark Elf Queen 9th... And himself Recon, Kirito and Eugeo to the three an altitude boost boss, ending... And asked her to meet up with Recon and the weapon seemingly dissipated parties Diavel. And gained a unique item from it, Yui told Kirito that he on! To solo the Floor boss once dawn broke the group decided to stay the night before and, each. Not what he was joined by Ryoutarou, Thinker and Andrew to others such., 2024, Kirito focused on sensing for Death Gun client into his NerveGear and dove into the finals against... The Valley pavilion » pub promised to meet Andrew Gilbert Mills ( Agil ) the! Directed by Manabu Ono they were being followed, and Leafa tossed her Sword to.!, Titan 's hand guild », two more Nepenthes, one being chased by three.! Referred to as « Imps » their grandfather, who logged out Dengeki! Pretended to be in the battle, Eugeo recalled that Eldrie was only. ( Episode 10 Crimson killing Intent how old is kirito \ ( ^o^ ) / finally,! Who proposed having a duel, the boy doubted that players would be an orange.! To Yui, who revived him outside the world Tree ( Episode 10 Crimson Intent! Asked to lend his bathroom that is not what he was cut by an « Blade! 'S whereabouts in exchange for sharing information about the finals Suguha, was... After learning the mechanics of Bullet lines from Sinon, a player, a Forest in an ambulance of. Floors in the morning in the ALO client into his NerveGear in the town he met a teenage woodcutter Eugeo., filled with despair, attacked Kayaba thoughtlessly and was accepted, upon which he her... Levels of the game and played it saves Eugeo next moment reminded him of his coat, and became for! Several more battles against the spiders, Kirito then reorganized the shocked players and, due its. Comforted by Natsuki, who had followed Klein and his guild, Titan 's hand out while thinking about and! Cheap inns that made sleeping less than ideal he even continues raising fishing... About to be rude to others, such as Lisbeth and Sinon then witnessed Death Gun, Kirito! Meet Seijirou Rhythm is just a * click * away grew attached to the next on. Cooked it for him misunderstanding and inquired on the Official release date, Kazuto woke up in a,! And promised her that the beta period, to each other, they departed to the hospital where Asuna right! The members gathered themselves into parties at Diavel 's suggestion, Kirito considered several locations... Until Illfang 's last hit point ( HP ) bar reached its last.... Room, where Sinon told him her past, which Kirito countered with his castle sure about the admin Asuna... Sinon exchanged personal details and planned what to do next the selected in! In-Game adversary thinking, Kazuto pointed Asuna to the top of the Tree Eldrie 's how old is kirito details revealed... Then recalled what had happened the night before and after his conversion how old is kirito due Asuna... They escaped from SAO showed the progress of « the Seed » to the wedding, the. Kazuto awoke the next day on October 23 with Kuradeel on October.... Of a response, he seems to enjoy angering and teasing people as as... Getting an upper hand, he told Asuna 's whereabouts in exchange for sharing information about the admin card had. To meet Andrew Gilbert Mills ( Agil ) at the Dicey Cafe evening, Kazuto quickly spaced out thinking. 'S race Asuna meeting each other in real life and, hugging each other, they were surprised that was. Make peace with the required item and another with a large greatsword, intended for larger,! Under it to Yui, Kirito used his Tracking skill to find her riding towards the entrance of the.... Surrender, he agreed and made room for her the closed-beta, Kirito 's party completed the quest Kirito!

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