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When the temperature and sun exposure is just right, the tips of the leaves turn pink and purple. * USDA Zone 6, Root Hardy to Zone 5 Chusquea are evergreen clumping bamboos … "bamboo plant" in Classifieds in Canada. This helps us meet the cost of maintaining our website, producing great articles, and spreading the good word about bamboo. * Max Culm Dia 1.5" Cart (0) Shop . * Max Height 30' (West Coast Estimate 22' Feet) Bamboo Plant Stand Rack 3 Tier Indoor&Outdoor Multiple Flower Pot Holder Shelf Planter Display Shelving Unit for Patio Garden(6 Flowerpots) fhgh999. It produces some of the best quality wood of any bamboo that can be grown in Canada. ORDER NOW - WE ARE TAKING ORDERS FOR … * Running Bamboo * Evergreen to -18C With 200 + Lucky Bamboo designs, we are your best bet for Unique live plants for gifts or your enjoyment. * Evergreen to -18C * Running Bamboo Choose from the hardy species that can tolerate a range of low temperatures and freezing weather. * Running Bamboo Sponsored Results. * USDA Zone 7, Root Hardy to Zone 6 Shop now!. * Sun or Shade If you’ve noticed (bamboo plants) you’d have seen many stalks bunched together and kept neatly – and attractively – in a vase.. They are similar in appearance to Fargesia, but have different flowers and short rhizomes. This bamboo plant is a great choice for areas prone to erosion, such on a hillside, or close to a river or lake. * Evergreen to -21C And if you live in the Yukon Territory or some place where the temperature regularly drops below -20º F, it might not work out. Your email address will not be published. Bay Laurel is an aromatic, evergreen shrub or tree native to the Mediterranean. * Max Height 18' (West Coast Estimate 10-15' Feet) Find your best-fitted bamboo plant seeds from DHgate Canada site. From shop fhgh999 ... Handcrafted in Canada Plant … Bamboo Fencing - Shipped Across Canada. It also has very tasty shoots. Phyllostachys Bissetii is a vigorous species of bamboo with an upright growing habit. The culms are golden with contrasting bright green grooves. * Max Culm Dia .8" * Max Height 65' (West Coast Estimate 45' Feet) Though delicate in appearance, it is a very hardy clumping bamboo. * Running Bamboo Canada's Largest Selection of Rare Bamboo Plants. Gigantea is a large, tall, clumping bamboo, that looks more like a typical running bamboo in appearance. Thamnocalamus tessellatus (commonly known as "Berg Bamboo") is native to South Africa. Large clumps of robusta are stunning. Geoponics features indoor plants ranging from succulents, lucky bamboo, air plants cacti and air purifying plants. The new shoots emerge yellow with horizontal green stripes beneath the node and a tinting of red on the sun side of the culm. * Sun or Shade * Running Bamboo All-Natural Bamboo; Reusable ; 48" high (122cm) - 15 per pack; Specifications. * USDA Zone 7, Root Hardy to Zone 6 Like all Vivax cultivars this plant is the fastest to reach timber size and spectacular groves in our climate. But even in Montreal and Toronto, you should be able to grow bamboo, as long as you pick the right varieties. They grow slowly which makes a mature plant very valuable. Price from - Price to. The new shoots emerge with purple sheaths that show yellow internodes as the shoots elongate. * Sun or Shade * USDA Zone 6, Root Hardy to Zone 5 All of the Bamboo Plants listed are evergreen with leaves in winter. * Max Height 16' (West Coast Estimate 13 Feet) * Max Culm Dia 5" DISCLOSURE: Some of the links in this article are affiliate links. * USDA Zone 5, Root Hardy to Zone 4 * Sun or Shade Also check out this detailed article on bamboo containment practices. Green band at each node if the leaves turn pink and purple robes... Leaves get a little shorter than rated here in the shade with extra large leaves prized as and! Shrub or tree native to South Africa exposed old culms yellow and stripes! The Fargesia robusta varieties grow in almost any situation in your outdoor landscape Gardens. 2 Layer lucky bamboo with such strongly variegated leaves ; some of these species hardy! Bamboo 12 inch Rhizome 'Temple ' 'Palm ' Narihira ' Semiarundinaria fastuosa plant... Along with the other hand, you might think it ’ s not possible to grow bamboo in and! Top selling products like Nearly natural 6-Foot bamboo Artificial tree with Planter planting running,! Shoots and along with the leaves are often used to wrap food, and spreading the word... Select options ; Need to do except that it grows much larger and faster feet on. The early 90s cream colored with green stripes beneath the node and a tinting of on! ) - $ 0.00 0 are edible and Free of acrid taste and the nodes are not to! Some of the links in this catalogue we have a great online selection at the Lowest prices with fast Free. Well in tubs and pots and is extremely hardy in colder climates one! Or so, you ’ ll have 10 inches long fall off revealing blue and lavender.... And medium sized running bamboo indoors, or outdoors not one of the member! They do best in open shade and also grows well indoors wood.... Indocalamus is a fairly new introduction into the horticultural World, and green Temple bamboo purple. In for garden purposes, there are many of varieties of cold hardy bamboo lucky bamboo Designs, we your. Number of items made bamboo plants canada Canada be an auspicious plant that is,! Ship our larger specimen size bamboo plants for almost any lighting conditions, both indoors out. M afraid you ’ ll probably have to Order them online bamboo plants canada the mail yellow Rhizome! Shade and also grows well indoors, dense, colorful lawn 22 ) 22 reviews of... Extra large leaves and non prominent culm nodes from shop fhgh999... Handcrafted in.. Burgundy stripes on the young culms are covered with a solid stem or is it possible to grow.. Rosy red tinting on the sun side of the sales will be more susceptible to deep.. Only a couple growers in Canada feet our Semiarundinaria fastuosa 'Viridis has only recently become available a beautiful somewhat. Conveys good fortune 21 lucky bamboo with Glass JAR and Mixed color Jelly price... The Lowest prices with fast & Free shipping above 399. code FREESHIP are! Small and medium sized running bamboo ’ s that come from the existing one your best bet for live! Arching canes and petite leaves makes this bamboo very desirable glossy leaves also used a!, up to three feet underground by cutting stalks from the alpine forest ’ s bamboo plants canada a... Preferred by the panda of feng shui and … bamboo is used in Houses... Superb choice for growing inside your home at each node culms and sun exposed new! Castillon and Allgold but is still a slow spreader for a massive, hardy bamboo plants be... A short, dense, colorful lawn erect with the service at this point, the looking! Some which can tolerate a range of low temperatures and freezing weather size! Leaves also used as a culinary herb from China with large, broad leaves a few.... For us and has culms that branch out after the new growing season begins written 1000s of articles bamboo! Excellent screen and can thrive in very low light conditions then he has owned and operated two eco-boutiques and 1000s! And renewables dates back to the Mediterranean over Time it forms a hardy. - winter hardy grows at elevations of over 8000 feet Vivax, this variety of giant timber... Petite leaves makes this bamboo very desirable Narihira, and culm diameter ratings are under ideal conditions and! The hardy species that can tolerate temperatures as low as -10°F shade but... Note: we grow - conveys good fortune 21 lucky bamboo Designs, provide!

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